Rolex GMT-Master II METEORITE 126719BLRO NEW 2022 Full Stickers

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Oyster, 40 mm, white gold
The Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II in 18 ct white gold with an Oyster bracelet.
This model features a meteorite dial and a two-colour Cerachrom bezel insert in red and blue ceramic. Designed to show the time in two different time zones simultaneously during intercontinental flights, the GMT-Master II has come to be recognized for its robustness and versatile appearance.
This model is the only GMT-Master II with a meteorite dial. Meteorite comes from the heart of an asteroid or possibly even a planet that has exploded, propelling material across the Solar System until chance brings it into our planet’s orbit and gravity pulls it to Earth. During its journey, the centre of the meteorite is gradually transformed, producing highly unusual metallic patterns, resulting from the very slow cooling of molten asteroid cores. The designers at Rolex create from these configurations a unique treasure for some of the most prestigious models, including this GMT-Master II.
The watch comes brand new dated 2022 and full stickers.

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