Rolex Explorer II Black 226570 NEW 2023

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This Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31 in Oystersteel and white gold features a pink dial and an Oyster bracelet.
Pink Dial

A watchmaking technique
The sunray finish creates delicate light reflections on many dials in the Oyster Perpetual collection. It is obtained using masterful brushing techniques that create grooves running outwards from the centre of the dial.
Light is diffused consistently along each engraving, creating a characteristic subtle glow that moves depending on the position of the wrist. Once the sunray finish has been completed, the dial colour is applied using Physical Vapour Deposition or electroplating. A light coat of varnish gives the dial its final look.
The watch comes brand new dated 2023 full stickers.

All our watches are 100% authentic and exactly as described.

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